Domestic Chinese bush-clover grown in clean areas
Powerful door to night! ‘Yabammun’

It was usually eaten with Chinese bush-clover drinks only after 6 month maturation period in alcohol.

You can drink Yabammun in the water or you can eat it as it is according to your taste, not just with Chinese bush-clover drinks with alcohol.

As a result, not only adults who like alcohol but also students and those who think about their health can feel free to enjoy.



  • It protects the liver and helps with respiratory diseases.
  • It supplements stamina.
  • It is effective for urinary and digestive diseases.


Raw Ingredients

  • Chinese bush-clover
  • Complex extract of Russian ginseng and Rehmannia glutinosa
  • Cnidium extract
  • Date palm fruit
  • And 9 more ingredients


Efficacy of Yabammun

  • It reduces cholesterol in blood.
  • It is effective for anticancer, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, drop in blood sugar level and immune-boosting.
  • It protects prostate disease and has alleviation effect.

Yabammun Q&A

What makes it different from other similar products?

General Chinese bush-clover products are a one-sided product that extracts one ingredient of Chinese bush-clover and is sold. But Yabammun is a complex product that brings out the effectiveness by extracting and concentrating various carefully selected ingredients. It is a product that refreshes the kidney function and energy of tired modern people.

Are features and quality of Yabammun Chinese bush-clover good?

Chinese bush-clover tastes little bit bitter and hot, and have no poison. It mainly acts on the lungs, liver and kidneys. It strengthens liver and kidneys and removes extravasated blood, helping to reduce swelling. It treats wet dream, leucorrhea, diarrhea, bruise and asthma, brightens eyes, softens muscle and tendon and helps for better circulation. In addition, it lowered the fever, kills the worms in the stomach and treats boil of breast, wounds beaten by snake and inflamed eyes. It is also effective in gastric ulcer and hedrocele. Leaves, root and stem of Chinese bush-clover contains flavonoid, pinitol, phenol, tannin and sitosterol. These ingredients eliminate inflammation, remove phlegm and kill or suppress staphylococcus aureus, streptococcus pneumonia, streptococcus and Roxi suspension.

Does it have higher concentration than other products? (2%)

It is difficult to distinguish the amount of purified water even if it has the same 2% because general Chinese bush-clover products are only extracted. Yabammun was extracted and concentrated various herbal ingredients including Chinese bush-clover. So it adds concentration process in extracting to evaporate it water.

Do you have something to bring to the sales point in the stage of R&D or production?

Yabammun has excellent effect on insufficient energy of men, praecox, ganacratia and sexual impotence.

It is a natural Viagra product with no side effects. Viagra depletes kidney function and has side effects. Yabammun is a natural Viagra for men. It is a sexual function drug that uses Chinese bush-clover extract and biologically active substances and derivative that can improve sexual function of men. Chinese bush-clover of Yabammun is manufactured at HACCP facility based on carefully selected domestic raw materials.

Main Ingredients of Yabammun

Chinese bush-clover

Chinese bush-clover is a kind of native grass good for health. One entertainer made Chinese bush-clover alcohol and it was broadcasted in the popular program. Because of this, it became popular among many consumers.

You can enjoy Chinese bush-clover, main ingredient of Yabammun, anytime, anywhere easily.

Efficacy of Chinese bush-clover
  • It mainly protects the liver and controls respiratory diseases.
  • It is effective for nebula, interprolation, self-preservation, agraphia, stomachache, eye disease, nocturnal enuresis, ganacratia, mastitis, sunstroke · heartstroke, asthma, chronic cough, removing fever, promoting blood circulation and infantilism.


The formula for ß-sitosterol is C29H50O and it is mainly found in many plants. It is a phytosterol, a kind of plant steroids with a chemical structure similar to cholesterol.

ß-sitosterol has diverse effects such as helping to restore prostate disease and sexual function.
Now Yabammun will be responsible for your health.

Efficacy of ß-sitosterol
  • It reduces cholesterol in blood.
  • It is effective for anticancer, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, drop in blood sugar level and immune-boosting.
  • It protects prostate disease and has alleviation effect.