Blood can dominate your health!!
BIOKEY, blood flow enhancer that has been approved by KFDA.

BIOKEY is composed of ginkgo biloba leaves extract, garlic extract, herb extract, natural amino acid, vitamin, minerals and so on. It helps to activate ant oxidative activity, detoxification, immunity due to the increase of glutathione in the body and also produce carnosine by absorbing histidine, L-alanine to promote the secretion of sex hormone as well as dropping blood sugar level.

Moreover, it helps blood vessel more flexible due to the increase of nitric oxide and results in the activation of heart as well as blood vessel in the brain.

As a blood flow enhancer that has been approved by KFDA, BIOKEY is developed based on the scientific principles of natural ingredients, so it is a perfect food product to be beneficial for men and women of all ages.


Improve metabolic syndrome

Improving metabolic syndrome, such as cancer, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, etc. by increasing natural healing power.

Blood flow improvement

Improving blood-related disease, dropping blood pressure, vasodilatation, improving cerebral arteriosclerosis.


  • Helping blood circulation
  • Helping to increase body temperature
  • Helping constitutional remedies
  • Helping to improve one's skin



  • Glutathione
  • Nitric oxide
  • Carnosine


Efficacy of BIOKEY

  • Ginkgo biloba leaves extract
  • Allithiamine
  • Other 30 kinds of ingredients

Mechanism of BIOKEY


Glycine, Glutamine acid, Glutamine, Cysteine

Four kinds of amino acids mentioned above can be absorbed in the body and glutathione is synthesized in the liver.

Not only ant oxidative activity by glutathione but it helps other antioxidants(vitamin E, vitamin C, man-ganese sulfate, etc) to maximize ant oxidative activities in the body. Hence, glutathione plays a very important role in ant oxidative activity and detoxification.


Histidine(amino acid), L-alanine(amino acid)

After the absorption of histidine and L-alanine, carnosine can be produced. Carnosine is the most important amino acid for diabetic patients because it activates strong ant oxidative activity and drops blood sugar level as same as that of glutathione.

Increase of nitric oxide

Vitamin C, Vitamin E, L-arginine, Zinc oxide, Chitooligo

Saccharide Nitric oxide has become famous caused by viagra.

When nitric oxide is increased in the body, it helps men become energetic and cardiovascular activity.

Viagra is required a physician’s prescription because it can cause side effects to those who are suffering from high blood pressure, cardiovascular disorder.

However, nitric oxide can help people who have cardiovascular disorder without any harmful side effects.

Main ingredients of BIOKEY

Ginkgo biloba leaves extract

Ginkgo biloba leaves extract was developed, as a medicine, in Germany in 1965, France in 1974 for the treatment of blood vessel disorder, improvement of blood circulation and dementia and it was classified as a medicine in Italy, Switzerland, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia and so on. Since 2010, it has been approved by KFDA as a health functional food.

Efficacy of ginkgo biloba leaves extract
  • It neutralizes free radical, protects cell membrane, improves blood vessel disease, drops blood pressure.
  • It suppresses aging process of skin, protects dry skin, inhibits fine wrinkle on one’s face.
  • It improves cerebral arteriosclerosis by expanding peripheral nerves and blood vessel.
  • It relieves dizziness, fatigue, activates antibacterial function, antiallergic activity.


By combining allicin and vitamin B1, it boosts absorption rate of vitamin B1 in the body and results in increasing metabolism. From alliin in garlic extract, allicin is produced by enzymatic reaction of alliinase, through which allithiamine is created with combination of vitamin B1.

Efficacy of Allithiamine
  • Vitamin B1, as it is water soluble, is excreted through urine if taken excessively. However, alithiamin is used properly in the body and the excessive amount of it can be stored in the body to be used again later when body is exhausted. So, it helps to boost one’s physical strength by promoting carbohydrate metabolism.
  • In combination with chit oligosaccharide, ginkgo biloba leaves extract, alithiamin helps activate antibacterial function and cleanse blood with EFA, boost physical strength as well as keep one’s body warm.