Mission of Moneykey Co., Ltd. which means money and people is ‘a company that presents health, wealth and happiness of mankind’.

Moneykey Co., Ltd. which creates wealth of the economy becomes a source of happiness that can provide a good product and positive culture and improve the quality of life of all people in the world.

Business Philosophy

Make the best with simplicity.


Global Biotechnology Company for Human Health


We create safe health.


Realize the dream of prolongation of life

Management Principle


What We Do

We are making various products to contribute to the promotion of human health and happiness.

Development of health functional food

Healthy project for promoting health of mankind

Development of health functional food

Moneykey realizes the dream of human happiness through the development and distribution of health functional food as the first step for the health and happiness of mankind.

Social Sharing Activities

Warm social sharing activity to make together

Social Sharing Activities

Moneykey creates a healthy society in which everyone can improve together through reasonable marketing strategies that combine wealth and honor.

Distribution of eco-friendly product

Distribution of health functional food with natural ingredient

Distribution of eco-friendly product

Moneykey presents a rich and healthy life to everyone by distributing eco-friendly products made from natural ingredients.

It is a beautiful life to prepare something thoroughly and remain something for mankind.

CEO Park Jing-gi

We need to find sacrificial values where faith and love for man exist in doing business and that can be achieved together, not the individualistic success.

CEO Park Jing-gi

It is a safe product by using natural ingredients based on the popularity that everyone can eat regardless of age and gender, the age of modern people considering the busy life and rapid-action that shows immediate effect.

CEO Park Jing-gi