Dear customers,

㈜머니키 대표이사 박징기 입니다.

Hello. This is Park Jing-gi, CEO of Moneykey Co., Ltd. Monkey was born in this land in 2012. Moneykey has been growing together, dreaming of public health and health of mankind.

We realize the dream of prolonging life by pursuing safety of life and health for cell health based on the scientific principle that products with natural features are safe and healthy.

As a biotechnology company, we are making our best effort to become biotechnology-centered global company by creating health-centered value and focusing our capability on biotech research that is competitive in the global market.

Moneykey is focusing our research resources and technology on innovative biotechnology product to acquire competitiveness in the future biotechnology market.

All of our employees are moving toward tomorrow with a firm vision for the future. Moneykey will create new value through continuous management innovation and will always be with you as a global blue chip.